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Well, you found me! It's be a long while since I've actually done any journaling that hasn't been in my bullet journal or the vague posts on tumblr. In fact, I haven't used an actual blogging site since 2013 when livejournal was still well...partially decent. Anyway, nobody is here looking at this to read about the nostalgia of LJ of old.

You can call me Dia, I am 27 and a US/Arizona native. I work as a behaviour technician at a school that focuses on behaviour and trying to help students regain the basic social skills they'd need to be successful in a classroom and I've been with most of the kids in my classroom since I started three years ago so seeing their growth and progress is actually really amazing.

My main fandoms include: Harry Potter, K-Pop, Community, Gravity Falls, Disney, Broadway in general, Game of Thrones and honestly whatever else I end up falling in love with (which currently is including Into the Badlands and Sense8).

I am a very very novice cosplayer, I only started sewing a year ago for comicon and have made one costume and am working on putting together another one with minimal sewing if I can help it since I'm still not very good at it and should probably practice more.

I'm constantly accepting recommendations for just about everything, especially movies and books with those two items being part of my current mission 101.

I am...honestly really bad at about me posts so really if there are any questions, feel free to ask! Thanks for stopping by!

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